What is a herniated disc? Symptoms and treatments

In the area of traumatology and orthopedics, diseases and pathologies related to the musculoskeletal system are treated. An example of these are osteoarthritis, low back pain, or herniated discs. Regarding the latter, many patients go to trauma consultations with questions about what a herniated disc is, and what its symptoms and treatments are. In this post, everything related to this pathology will be discussed.

What is a herniated disc?

The herniated disc It is the displacement of a part of the intervertebral disc out of its natural position, It can produce various clinical symptoms, from pain in both arms (cervical disc herniation) or legs (lumbar disc herniation) to neck or low back pain.

Causes of herniated disc

Disc herniation has multiple origins, from mechanical problems such as trauma, forced repetitive movements, to a genetic component.

Types of herniated disc

There are three types of herniated disc.

Cervical disc herniation

Also known as a herniated disc, this pathology occurs between the C1 and C7 vertebrae, with conditions being more common between the nerves located at C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7. The people most likely to suffer from this hernia are those between 30 and 50 years of age.

Thoracic disc herniation

The thoracic or dorsal herniated disc occurs in the upper part of the back, and is the least common hernia of all. Among its most serious symptoms, paralysis in the lower part of the body (below the waist) stands out. The development of a thoracic hernia may be due to degenerative disc disease or trauma.

lumbar disc herniation

Its main symptom is sciatica (pain in the leg), accompanied by pain and weakness in the same area. The nerves most likely to suffer from sciatica are L5 and S1.

Symptoms of herniated disc

The symptoms of a herniated disc are very varied, depending on the location of the herniation, its size and the degree of neurological compression it produces. Therefore, they can cause anything from simple spinal pain known as low back pain, to canal stenosis, which presents more serious symptoms and can affect the function of the arms and/or legs.

Lumbar osteoarthritis can act as an aggravation of the pain suffered by a herniated disc. To a much lesser extent, spinal pain is caused by tumors in the spine, but definitely, when faced with spinal pain, it is advisable to go to traumatology consultations to perform a complete medical study on the patient.

Problemas de espalda, hernia discal

Herniated disc treatment

The treatment of a herniated disc depends on its size, its location at the spinal level, as well as the neurological structures it compresses. Today there are several techniques for the treatment of herniated discs, which vary from traditional open surgery to minimally invasive surgeries, such as the one performed in our unit.

Herniated disc surgery

Herniated disc surgery will depend on the location and size of the hernia as well as the symptoms it causes.

We have several techniques for spinal surgery:

  • Open or conventional surgery, where the surgical aggression is greater.
  • Minimally invasive surgery in which the risks and damage to the body's tissues are substantially reduced and the recovery time is minimal.

endoscopia de columna por ghasan elgeadi traumatologia

Recovery after herniated disc surgery

Recovery from spine surgery ultra-minimally invasive techniques, is relatively quick, being able to return to regular work in a very short period of time, since the lower back pain that the patient suffered disappears immediately. This microsurgery, carried out by our specialists in lumbar disc herniation, allows the patient to not require recovery instruments such as the use of lumbar support or medications, although after surgery we always recommend physical therapy treatment.

After surgery we always recommend physical therapy treatment.

Spine specialist clinics in Madrid

Nowadays, there are very few clinics that perform this type of spinal column treatments in Spain, our center being the only one to use the combination of laser surgery with endoscopic surgery.

Herniated disc operation price

The prices for herniated discs vary depending on the complexity of the case as well as the individual needs of each patient.

If you want to know more about your case, contact our team of traumatologists from Madrid to make an appointment so we can evaluate your case in depth, and give you a diagnosis and treatment that improves your quality of life.

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  1. On May 4, Dr. Elgeadi operated on me, and I am immensely grateful to him, I spent 2 months during the pandemic when no doctor treated me with a lot of pain due to a cervical hernia, the doctor explained everything to me with great confidence and gave me a lot of peace of mind. It was the second time I faced this operation but the first time with him and I am delighted. 4 months later I went through your consultation and I am as good as new and working again. Thank you for the professionalism and speed.

  2. I have 4 herniated discs and the tendon that goes from the cuffs to the right arm is affected.
    ervical I have 2 plates and 4 screws and I have a contracture between ribs 6 and 7 left side


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