Dr. Elgeadi new leader of the trauma department at Quirón Hospital

Ghassan Elgeadi is the new head of traumatology at the Quirón San José Hospital in Madrid. This renowned specialist in Traumatology and Orthopedic Medicine has embarked on a new stage together with his Elgeadi Traumatology team. A group of traumatologists specialized in the application of advanced techniques and technologies in the area of trauma surgery.

Thanks to support from Quirón Hospital, Prof. Dr. Elgeadi finds satisfaction in helping his patients and executing medical advancements and training. And his work and that of his team has led him to be a reference and trainer in his field, where he intends to continue growing.

Traumatology and orthopedics service at the Quirónsalud San José Hospital

Medicine advances relentlessly. Day after day, researchers and experts try to generate, through technology and innovation, new methods that represent a revolution.

The Elgeadi team is one of the pioneers in the use of minimally invasive surgery. Among its services, the spine endoscopy, which provides numerous benefits compared to conventional surgery.

Prof. Dr. Elgeadi: chief traumatologist at Quirónsalud San José

Ghassan Elgeadi has More than 10 years of experience and is recognized by many professionals as the best traumatologist in Madrid in his specialty. However, this distinction extends to a more national conception that supports its conclusive curriculum.

Among its specialties are the so-called minimally invasive spine surgery, percutaneous herniated disc surgery, shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff and anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

He also points out that thanks to improvements in technology and electronic navigation devices, Surgery in cases of canal stenosis is on the rise.

Director of the Institute of Advanced Spine Surgery (ICAC)

Furthermore, this renowned traumatologist is director of Institute of Advanced Spine Surgery (ICAC))

The entity is dedicated to offering information related to pathologies, techniques and advances carried out in the area of minimally invasive spine surgeries. That is, ICAC functions as a meeting point for traumatologists who wish to apply to their patients minimally invasive techniques.


Trauma team at Quirónsalud San José

For the Quirón Salud San José Hospital in Madrid, the user is the main axis of work and all daily efforts. This center has become a modern and functional center thanks to the evolution of its treatment techniques and the incorporation of the latest technologies.

This center is established as one of the most advanced in Spain in spinal endoscopy for the treatment of herniated discs and canal stenosis. This technique has not stopped evolving over the last 20 years and at Hospital Quirón Salud they are always aware of new methods and surgical access to treat the spine.

Dr. Ghassan Elgeadi, one of the best-rated traumatologists in Spain and his team, profess a deep gratitude to the Quirón Salud Hospital, for the trust placed in their good work.

Elgeadi Traumatología and the Quirón Salud Hospital make a good combination, making this center within the cutting edge of medical and surgical treatments in the specialty of orthopedic and trauma surgery.


Make an appointment online at the Quirónsalud San José Hospital

In order to have the opinion of Prof. Dr. Elgeadi's team, you can ask online appointment at Quirónsalud San José. There is also a service of 24 hour emergency.

Quirónsalud San José: prior telephone appointment

Additionally, you can find Useful information the reference maternal-child and surgical hospital in Madrid on our website of the Quirón San José Hospital in Madrid and by calling 910 687 000.

In short, having Doctor Ghassan Elgeadi and Elgeadi Traumatology is synonymous with health with the most advanced techniques. A team of specialists who predict a promising future for patients with back problems thanks to technology.

Spine surgery is a specialty that requires perseverance, many hours of study and endless laboratory practices and dissection rooms. These ingredients have made Ghassan Elgeadi become one of the best trauma surgeons in Madrid.

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  1. Good morning, how much does a minimally invasive herniated disc operation cost? The payment would be without a bone insurer in particular.

  2. Hello, good afternoon. It is to know if, as I have read, they work with the majority of insurance companies, if they also work with nortehispana-verisalud.
    Antigua azcaran-foresighted from Bilbao.
    Thank you.

  3. Good morning.

    Would it be possible to make an appointment with Dr. Elgeadi with the ASISA medical society? And with MAPFRE? Thank you so much. All the best


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