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New training in spinal endoscopy by Dr. Elgeadi in Lleida

Back problems are very common in our society. 80% of the world's population suffers from them. The discs found between the vertebrae of our spine are flexible, so it is common for them to move and cause pain by compressing the nerve roots.

Collaboration of Dr Elgeadi with the Vithas Montserrat hospital in Lleida.

Dr. Elgeadi collaborated on Wednesday, April 3, with the Vithas Montserrat Hospital in Lleida to perform the first cases of endoscopic spine surgery in said hospital, as a demonstration of this type of surgery.

The event was organized by Riwospine international avant-garde company that two years ago he appointed Dr. Elgeadi as Spinal Endoscopy Instructor (FESS) by Riwospine Alliance (Richard Wolf).

Latest advances in spine surgery

Due to the increase in these ailments, The study and improvement of new techniques and surgical instruments has been very important. for the treatment of cervical and lumbar pathologies.

Although it is not very clear what factors cause herniated discs to occur, it is most likely due to both genetic and postural factors. Bad posture, overexertion due to obesity or excessive efforts.

What does FESS (Full Endoscopic Surgery) mean?

This is the name of the technique designed to decompress the vertebrae through a complete endoscopy of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Especially designed for ailments such as herniated discs or spinal canal stenosis. Is a minimally invasive technique since the optical properties of the instruments used, designed by Riwospine, allow optimal visualization during the operation.

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