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Sports with the most frequent sports injuries

The spine is an area prone to injury since it is made up of 26 bones that cover and protect the spinal cord. When any of these vertebrae suffer damage, it usually causes a lot of pain by putting pressure on the nerves and spinal cord that run through them.


Cycling can promote the appearance and development of certain injuries, such as inflammation of the fascia lata tendon, coxalgia, patellar chondropathy and patellar tendonitis. Adequate treatment is important to avoid chronic injuries.


The most frequent injuries in soccer players are related to the menisci and cruciate ligaments. Forced positions, as well as sudden rotation, can lead to meniscus and ligament tears, or patellar tendonitis.


In the case of sky, the knee joint is the most prone to injuries, such as meniscal tears and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The shoulder is the second joint that suffers the most from pathologies such as shoulder dislocation and "ranger's thumb."


In the case of basketball, sudden stops, as well as jumps, can cause muscle tears in the calves, as well as ligament or meniscus tears. In these injuries, rehabilitation takes on special importance.

Tennis and paddle

In this type of sports, the joint that suffers the most is the elbow. Due to the continuous repetition of movements, it is common for athletes to suffer injuries such as epicondylitis or injuries to the shoulder labrum.


Pre-warming is very important, as it prevents hyperextension of the ligaments. In this way, tendon injuries and muscle tears are prevented, as well as the appearance of herniated discs.

Are you competing and have you been injured? This unit is designed to reduce recovery times as much as possible so you can continue with your sports projects as soon as possible.

Sports medicine center in Spain

Specialized traumatologists

Innovative techniques so you can resume your sporting activity thanks to ultrasound rehabilitation.

Recovery times

With our minimally invasive techniques we achieve that recovery times are greatly reduced since there are fewer complications and the body returns to normal sooner.



Each sport has typical injuries associated with the muscle and bone load that the body supports during sports practice and it is important to know them to treat and prevent them.

Advanced technology

Our experts in the area of sports medicine will help you understand each step of the process, from the correct diagnosis of your injury or possible injuries that you may suffer in the future, to the treatment of the pathology.

Sports traumatologist in Spain

New Sports Injury and Orthobiology Medicine Unit at the Quirónsalud San José Hospital

All the information about sports medicine, advantages, what it consists of and benefits of ultrasounds.

Sports medicine is medical specialty that studies the effects of sport and, in general, physical activity in the body. It is responsible for evaluating fitness and improving sports performance, as well as preventing and treating sports diseases or injuries. The sports doctor is the specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine, and studies the specific knowledge of sports medicine.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine (also defined as “cell therapy”) has a close relationship with sports medicine, since it consists of applying healing methods to the body's tissues for repair and recovery, thus avoiding surgical treatments. Within this area, the most common treatments are growth factors, use of stem cells in adipose tissue and the use of regenerative medicine in surgical processes.

Sports traumatology: the athlete's doctor

Sports traumatology is the specialty that is responsible for evaluate traumatic injuries that arise during the practice of a sport, in order to pursue therapeutic alternatives that lead to the fastest and most effective recovery of the athlete.

The sports traumatologist must, in turn, know the sport in question to take into account which muscles and bones come into action in the specific sport that the patient performs normally, since sometimes the injury is so serious that it is necessary to perform an sports surgery.

Sports medicine consists of applying to the athlete the guidelines regarding the education and prevention of sports injuries, seeking the best sports performance and, in case of injury, providing guidance on the best therapeutic alternative for the fastest recovery, in addition to carrying out reviews. Periodic sports medical.

Sports medicine center in Spain

For greater performance and effectiveness in sports medicine, you must have a specialized sports medicine center that includes experts and specialists in: sports medicine, orthopedic surgery and traumatology, sports rehabilitators and physiotherapists. As well as, having innovative and complete diagnostic and treatment techniques.

The treatment of sports injuries requires a correct prior medical diagnosis and a complete recovery plan that serves for the fastest and most effective improvement. Good guidance is necessary in sports practice and injury prevention.

All of this has to be carried out by expert specialists and a complete and innovative sports medicine center.

Ultrasounds in sports rehabilitation

The use of ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injections multiplies the success of the results and allows the lesion to be addressed from its origin.

It should be taken into account that repeated cortisone injections over time can have a negative effect on muscle tissue and become counterproductive.

Ultrasound rehabilitation also helps in biological therapy, serving as support to stimulate the muscle and its natural repair process. It is a slow process and in most cases requires complementary and specialized rehabilitation for its success.

Ultrasound rehabilitation: side effects

Normally, our patients do not have side effects after ultrasound treatment. If so, this effect on the body is very mild and disappears quickly.

The most common side effects are the presence of redness, inflammation, bruising or sensitivity in the applied area.

It is recommended the evaluation by the sports doctor of injuries that occur during sports practice, encompassing overload injuries due to repetitive activity: muscular (myofibrillar tears); tendon injuries (tendinitis, tenosynovitis) such as tennis or golfer's elbow; ligament injuries (strains, sprains, or ligament tears); bone injuries (fissures, fractures, periostitis) or joint injuries (subluxations or dislocations, arthritis).

The team of Doctor Ghassan Elgeadi, a sports doctor in Spain, has specialists in sports injuries. Additionally, it is available 24H in emergencies at the Quirón San José Hospital in Madrid.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries

The main advantages of sports medicine are a thorough sports medical examination and the implementation of effective recovery of the athlete after a sports injury. The specialist evaluates the injuries and guides towards the best treatment. Additionally, it helps prevent injuries with recovery and training guidelines; thus achieving the highest sporting performance.

The team sports medicine unit of Doctor Elgeadi, has doctors of international prestige specialized in physical medicine and sports injuries.

For this reason, the team of traumatologists treats injuries quickly and effectively in our sports clinics in Spain, guaranteeing lasting solutions so that the patient can safely resume their activity in the shortest time possible and that the muscles do not suffer.

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New Unit sports medicine in Spain

This area is not only intended for high-level athletes, but also for patients with moderate physical activity.

In addition, in our Sports Medicine Unit you can obtain all the information related to pathologies and trauma injuries that commonly occur in this area. 

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