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Masterclass and intensive group on spinal endoscopy technique

We know the great importance of spine endoscopy For people suffering from lumbar disc herniation and canal stenosis.

We can highlight that the great advance partly carried out by doctors like Dr. Ghassan Elgeadi and his team of traumatologists is very important for human beings; since spinal endoscopy is a surgical technique that has not stopped evolving over the last 20 years; and thanks to you ultra-minimally invasive technique We can treat very important ailments in a “simple” way.

On this occasion, Dr. Elgeadi, director of the Institute of Advanced Spine Surgery, ICAC, went to Dusseldorf to take an advanced course in endoscopic spine surgery as a professor of technique, and to be able to teach people from all over the world how to perform the procedure. surgery and share their knowledge.

In addition, he participated in another conference of Cadaver's intensive course, also as a teacher and technique instructor, thus creating new descendants who will be able to apply the spinal endoscopy technique in the future.

Without a doubt, a gesture that honors him, so that this highly advanced technique can continue to evolve with so little harm to the patient; After about 5 hours after the operation you can return home and carry out your normal life.

It is truly exciting to see that medicine is advancing and that doctors from all over the world are coming together to make it increasingly easier to perform operations that were unthinkable a few years ago.

Let's continue to extend this technique to ensure that one day, spinal operations do not entail any type of risk.

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