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Dr. Elgeadi performs two clinical cases as a spine surgery instructor in LLeida

Dr. Ghassan Elgeadi reaps new success for the Institute of Advanced Spine Surgery as an instructor in Lleida.

On July 10, Dr. Ghassan Elgeadi performed two extremely difficult operations as part of his role as an instructor, as well as a collaborator in spinal endoscopy surgery.

In addition to his successes as a surgeon, Dr. Elgeadi is recognized worldwide for being a pioneer in minimally invasive surgery operations specialized in matters related to the spine, in which more people suffer from ailments every day. Therefore, it is important for him to share his advances in the field to be able to help more patients around the world and practice as International Advanced Spine Endoscopy Instructor by Riwospine Alliance, which organizes many of the most prestigious courses internationally attended by the most renowned traumatologists.

On this occasion we traveled to the Vihtas Montserrast Clinic in Lleida to closely follow this collaboration with the hospital since two quite critical cases were carried out that concluded with total success, without any medical complications and without pain for the patient.

Although we will tell you about the second one soon, we can tell you that in the first advanced endoscopy spine surgery We found a 59-year-old patient with great pain caused by severe canal stenosis as well as a cervical disc herniation. Although the operation is extremely delicate, it passes without complications and the patient leaves the hospital 24 hours later with hardly any discomfort.

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