Prof. Dr. Elgeadi

Considered one of the best traumatologists in Spain in his specialty, Dr. Elgeadi is specialized in spine and minimally invasive techniques of which he is also a trainer.

Specialist traumatologists in Spain at your disposal

Experienced specialists in Spain

Our traumatologists have been helping patients recover their daily lives for years, being considered by many to be the best traumatologists in the entire national territory.

Minimally invasive surgery: advanced endoscopy

This innovative minimally invasive technique offers us the best results thanks to our traumatologists specializing in microsurgery.

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Trauma team of great international prestige

After years of experience our trauma surgeons have achieved great recognition inside and outside of Spain.

Vocational surgical traumatologists

Since he was little, Dr. Elgeadi has wanted to help people and has achieved this by specializing in spinal surgery and other unusual operations, with endoscopy and arthroscopy being his most important approach techniques.

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Director of Traumatology and service 24-hour emergency room at the Quirónsalud San José Hospital from Madrid

After more than 10 years as a surgeon and traumatologist specialized in spinal column endoscopy, Dr. Elgeadi obtains great recognition for his professional career by being named Head of Traumatology at one of the large Hospitals of the Quirón Group.

This transfer from Elgeadi Traumatología to the Quirónsalud Hospital is great news as it allows us to continue offering an extraordinary service of great professional quality to the numerous patients who trust us day after day.

In our department we have specialists in each area and can consult directly with our spine unit, shoulder unit, knee unit, hip unit, bone tumors, etc.

Spine surgeon with international recognition

Minimally invasive surgery: Advanced Spine Endoscopy

Thanks to this innovative surgical technique, promoted by Prof. Dr. Elgeadi in Spain, patients' pain relief is almost immediate and their recovery is faster.

The surgery is performed through an incision of just a couple of millimeters, so we reduce the operation time, about 15-20 minutes in mild cases, as well as the complications that may arise during surgery and the postoperative period.

Hospitalization is not usually necessary, the patient is discharged a few hours after the intervention.

International advisor in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and Germany

Only accredited center for training in endoscopic spine surgery in Spain

Due to being pioneers in the development and use of this minimally invasive technique, we have become international references for its use, training and implementation. That is why we continue to expand countries that request our presence to introduce this minimally invasive technique in a large part of their surgeries and offer their patients the latest techniques and advances in the sector.

International speaker passionate about innovation and development

Professor and Doctor Elgeadi was born in Madrid in a family environment very close to his own. As the years went by, his vocation became clear, the world of medicine attracted him greatly and he looked for a way to obtain the best studies. From very early on he stood out for his high performance and desire to continue learning, until he became a world-renowned trauma doctor, also being a great promoter of very advanced and minimally invasive techniques for a multitude of treatments. Currently, he is considered by many specialists as the best traumatologist in Spain.

The maximum premise of Elgeadi Traumatología is to commit to constant innovation in all areas that are committed to improving patient service, achieving the best results in the shortest possible recovery time. Therefore, the Prof. Dr. Elgeadi offers presentations and advanced courses explaining his minimally invasive techniques throughout numerous universities and specialized centers around the world.

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